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6 In Season Lace-Up Flats For The Hip Career Girl

While I sure do love a good pair of pumps, I unfortunately cannot last more than 30 minutes in them considering I spend a good amount of my time walking from place to place. The thing I love the most about lace up flats is how they can be dressed up for the office or down when I am out and about exploring town. I am a big stickler for good material so when I found these Halogen flats at Nordstrom, I bought a pair in both black and pink.



Made with real leather, they definitely hold up when it comes to me spending hours on end on my feet, they don’t feel flimsy at all and they are super comfortable.



If you are a woman who hates walking in heels or is looking for something comfortably fashionable, check out my list of lace up flats that are guaranteed to jazz up any outfit.

6 In Season Lace-Up Flats For the Hip Career Girl

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