The Highlander Union (HUB)

The Highlander Union (HUB) is the central gathering place at the University of California, Riverside where students can eat, meet, relax and study. The HUB offers a wide range of student programs including the annual 25+ attended winter Heat Music Festival, monthly Karaoke Nights, quarterly chalk art competions and much more.


  • Lead associate in coordinating the annual Heat Music Festival
  • Grew the organization’s Facebook, Instagram and TumblrΒ page by a combined 2000 followers and page likes

Heat Music FestivalΒ 

Heat Music Festival
University of California, Riverside - March 2013
Vantage Stage
Porter Robinson
Highland Stage
art installations
To fuel a night filled with dancing music lovers, we featured several tasty and popular food trucks.
The Mighty Boba Truck
Mini Donuts
Belly Bombz
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