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11 Tips On How To Make A Long Distance Relationship Last

This month marks the third year of my amazing five-year love story where I have been in a long distance relationship – and yes, it fucking sucks.

As much as it does suck, I know it could be worst. I consider myself one of the “lucky ones” where my long distance relationship has actually been manageable to keep because my job allows me the luxury to work remotely, granting me the freedom to visit and stay with my boyfriend, who is 3000 miles across the country (me still in California and him in Maryland), as often as I like.

Long story short, higher education and the start of our individual careers took my boyfriend and I in two separate directions although it never changed how much we loved each other. Determined to ensure our love would not be hindered by distance, we figured out a way to make it work. Nonetheless a long distance relationship is never easy, hardly ideal and, I repeat, does suck.  But there is hope:

According to a recent study, long distance relationships can be equally, if not more, satisfying as geographically-close couples and, contrary to popular belief, the hard part is not the distance itself but about the “discrepancy between your expectations for relationships and the reality of your current situation.

Pretty much you and partner both have to be on the same page in terms of what you want and expect out of a long distance relationship in order to make it work at all.

Should you find yourself deciding whether or not to have a long distance relationship, or you are currently in one and not sure how you can make it work, I do want to assure you that is it possible.

11 Tips On How To Make A Long Distance Relationship Last

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