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6 Reasons Why You Should Do An Internship Before You Graduate

While being a student can feel like a full time job, (it pretty much is), you are most likely studying your chosen major because you have some idea of what you want to pursue as a future career. Even if you don’t, each class that you take will only get you that much closer to discovering the very topics and issues that interest you.

When I entered the University, I declared myself as a Psychology major with the hopes of being a future psychiatrist. My second year in, I fell in love with Anthropology and decided to double major.  It was not until I started working as an event coordinator on campus did I realize how much I loved planning events and that my interests in understanding culture allowed me to coordinate a variety of diverse educational programs. It was not until I interned with the Smithsonian Associates during my junior did I realize how much better I was at marketing events via social media than actually planning them. If you have your heart set on becoming a doctor or a producer, or you find yourself interested in politics or mathematics, here’s why you need to do internship in your area of interest before you graduate.

SIx Reasons Why You Should Do An Internship Before You Graduate

Get relevant work experience – even if it’s unpaid.

It can be tough to accept an internship that is unpaid but you gain so much more in return. There is only so much you can learn from a textbook and from inside the classroom – interning with a company places you in a real position to better learn and understand more about what your future career entails through relevant work experience you will complete. Internships can last anywhere from three weeks to an entire year. Regardless of the duration, you’ll be gaining specialized and transferable skills that will better prepare for when you apply for your dream job.


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