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How To Be Hopeful When Times Are Tough

For some, the holidays represent the most wonderful time of the year. For others, its happens to be the most stressful and that happens to be for my sister.

After  a long day of holiday shopping, I was riding passenger to my sister driving us home when we both saw her TPMS light turn on for the third time after just taking it the shop two days in a row to have it fixed. Immediately, I saw her eyes fill with tears as she began to break down.

When I asked “What’s wrong?” she told me, “How can I be happy when shit never goes right for me, even when I try to do the right thing? I am always alone and dependent on myself and it’s hard.” Having to hear that from my own older sister broke my heart.

The past four years, especially the holidays have been everything but wonderful for my sister. From having her engine break down on the way to a New Years Ever party, where the car had to be towed that evening and replaced, to being assaulted outside of a bar where she now permanently lives with a metal implant to correct the positioning of her arm, something as small as a TPMS turning on was enough to push her over the edge. That’s something we can all relate to – that overwhelming feeling of being constantly defeated and finally having enough.

We’ve all experienced some kind of rough patch in life, and unfortunately,  some worst than others. For the past month, I took a hiatus from blogging because I was struggling with my own personal demons. After some time to reflect, refocus and reconnect with myself, I have managed to pull myself out of the dark hole I crawled into. And after hearing my sister break down, I was afraid she did not believe she could pull herself out from the sadness that was consuming her.

For all those facing the holidays with sadness in your heart, I dedicate this post to you (including you, dear sister) because I share your pain and I know there is always hope. Even when you feel down on your luck, here are four to be hopeful when times are tough.


How To Be Hopeful When Times Are Tough

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