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5 Tips For Successful Meal Prepping

As someone who is constantly on the go, I usually find myself over spending on food because I never have (better yet, make) enough time in the morning to eat breakfast or pack lunch – not to mention my eating habits being out of wack because how infrequently I eat. And when I actually do eat, I end up stuffing my face.

Realizing that I was not only stretching my wallet but my waist line too, I began to meal prep to help maintain a regular eating schedule and a more balanced diet. So if you find yourself interested in the world of meal prepping or just think those Pinterest ideas of putting salads in mason jars looks cool, here are my five tips for success meal prepping.

5 Tips For Successful Meal Prepping


1. Don’t buy food you won’t actually eat.

You should know I am a Tone It Up girl and I absolutely love their 8 Week Bikini Nutrition Plan. When I first decided to try it out, I dropped well over $200 at Whole Foods for a weeks worth of food that I didn’t even eat. Why? I was so excited to begin my fitness journey I paid attention only to the list of ingredients I needed for the week instead of the actual recipes. I didn’t consider if I would eat, or even like, everything they laid out in the plan such as white beans with coconut yogurt or stir fired tofu. The second time I gave it a try, I made sure to substitute certain foods with other healthier options I know I would eat on the regular. When you’re ready to begin a new diet or meal plan, double check if you actually like the foods or recipes listed and if you don’t, you can always substitute to avoid your food, and your money, going to waste. 

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