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Three Life Lessons I Learned To Value From My Tiger Mom

Growing up biracial, with an African-American father and a Filipino mother, not only was I raised under a strict house hold, the cherry on top was that I raised by a Tiger Mom. I remember the times I was reprimanded for asking if I could attend a slumber party in elementary school because as my mother explained, “it is embarrassing to spend the night with someone who isn’t your family.” I remember crying for all the times I was never allowed to go to the movies in high school with my friends because it “studying was most important.” And even in college, I still had to ask permission to go out and, report when I arrived what time I was coming home.

There also the many times my Tiger Mom made me feel incompetent, insecure and anything but beautiful simply with her words. I used to feel resentment and sadness when thinking about my past but I have now reached an age where I know there is only so much time that my parents will be on this Earth. As tough as it was, as Sac Lu explains in his memoir “I Love Yous Are For White People,” I now understand my mom displayed love the way she knew and the best she could.

So for all those with Tiger Moms (or parents) here are some three life lessons I learned to value from my mom:

Three LIfe Lessons I Learned To Value From My Tiger Mom

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