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Why My Boyfriend & I Are Not Friends On Social Media

When my boyfriend and I first started dating, I was so ecstatic to request him as a friend on Facebook so I could finally update my social media profiles with cutesy photos and posts of about to show off that we were together. However, when my boyfriend mentioned he was against posting about relationships on social media in general, my heart deflated a bit.


The first thing that popped into my mind was “Is he embarrassed to tell people who I am?” Then my second thought was, “Who is he trying to hide me from?”

When I proceeded to calmly ask him why he was opposed to posting on social media, he responded “Why does it matter?”

I had to really consider that. Why did it matter to me that all of Facebook had to know my new relationship status? Quite frankly, it didn’t. My boyfriend explained to me that it was not a problem that I wanted to post online – it was because I thought I needed to.  I was so accustomed to seeing my friends post about their boyfriends that I believed it was something that I needed to do as well.

As sad and embarrassing as that might sound, it has unfortunately become the norm.

After giving myself a reality check, here are four reasons why my boyfriend and I are not friends on social media and why I rarely broadcast my relationship online:


Why Myu Boyfriend And I Are Not Friends On Social Media


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