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How To Banish Blog Envy (& Stay True To Yourself)

Blog envy – we’ve all been there. My Green Eyed Monster comes out when, in the middle of admiring the amazing work of my favorite brands, influencers and blogs, I slowly begin to have these negative thoughts:

  • Why don’t I have as many followers?
  • Why aren’t I making as much money as them?
  • Why isn’t my site as gorgeous as theirs?
  • Why am I not as successful as they are?

It is far too easy to scroll through someone else’s blog or Instagram feed and suddenly feel as if your (fill in the blank here) doesn’t measure up. Before you let the Green Eyed Monster get the better of you, here are my tips on how to banish blog envy and stay true to yourself in the blogosphere.

How to Banish Blog Envy

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