Cultivate Confidence for Countless Wins.
Confidence is key to succeeding in all areas of your life. Whether you're looking to make a career pivot or a lifestyle change, the roadmap to happiness and success starts with owning your confidence. Learn how to track all things that build your confidence for countless wins.
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Career champion. Confidence cultivator. Cosmetics creative.

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Career Contessa
Channel your confidence into an actionable and successful job search strategy.

I help early in career professionals & career switchers position themselves as the most desirable asset.

While the job market is competitive, finding opportunities and positioning yourself as the most desirable asset for the job is simple.

In my coaching methods, I cover how to channel curiosity, commitment, and confidence to help you achieve goal through candid, intentional, and fresh approaches to job searching and networking so you can land your next dream opportunity—because applying online won't cut it anymore.



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Katrina is incredible warm and friendly! When I asked for her help and guidance in my job search, she did an excellent job of carefully listening to my story and being empathetic which is always appreciated because she truly wanted to understand my specific pain points to better help me in my job search. I appreciate that Katrina has always gone above and beyond to help me during this stressful time and I am extremely grateful for her guidance.
-Lillian Odera, Client Partnerships Associate
Katrina really is the true definition of a career confidence coach. She is so selfless in her willingness to give her time and energy to help others “fuel their fire” in their careers. She provides clear guidance on what steps are needed to take in order to level up in your career, especially when you have experienced a career setback like getting laid off. She also provides career building tips that are especially creative in that they will help one stand out amongst other candidates. A conversation with Katrina really is priceless!
-Avery Burke, Social Media Specialist