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3 Foolproof Ways To Land A Promotion (And Impress Your Boss)

April 5, 2016 in Career - No Comments

After finally landing the perfect job, getting the hang of things, working hard, and putting in you-fill-in-the-blank amount of months or years, the next question you might ask yourself is “How can I grow within the company?”

There’s no doubt that everyone wants to be promoted. After working for a little over a year at a job where I thought I would quit or get fired way before I made it to my workiversary, I found myself being promoted from Project Manager to Senior Project Manager.

If you are currently in the position where you have not received that promotion you thought you would have by now, here are my three foolproof ways that worked me that will increase your chances of moving up and impress your boss.
How To Land A Promotion

1. Speak up

It’s true when they say it only takes one voice to make a difference. Speaking up and sharing your opinion, concerns or ideas, (even when unpopular or especially when everyone else is afraid to), already sets you apart from the crowd because it gives your boss a reason to remember you over another employee. They will recognize you as, not only as someone invested in the continuous growth of the company, but someone who is also confident to truthfully say what is on your mind (the good and the ugly) which are vital characteristics to have in a leadership role. Contributing your opinions not only provides valuable feedback to your boss on how to better improve the workplace but also gives them better insight on your future capabilities within the company and a reason to consider how well you might do in another role.


2. Be solutions orientated

Being able to come up with possible solutions to sticky situations means your boss will recognize you as someone who can not only handle curve balls thrown your way but also as someone who can also help others handle them too, which a supervisor or manager needs to be able to do when leading a team. While there will be times when you might be unsure of how to handle a situation, when approaching your boss for guidance, coming prepared with a possible solution (even if it’s off target or wrong) will impress them because they can clearly see that you are using your brain, instead of expecting to be spoon fed answers, and that you are independent enough to stand on your own feet. Being able to successfully handle a variety of issues on your own shows your boss you’re capable of handling even more complicated issues in a different or higher position.


3. Take the initiative

Nothing says “leader” in the eyes of your boss more than you taking the initiative to go above and beyond by doing more than what is asked or expected. When you’re willing to be the person who actually wants to put plans into action, (and then goes ahead and does it), this shows how valuable you are as an asset to the company and that you deserve to be in a position to make even more plans and projects happen. See that some of your colleagues are having difficulty grasping a job process? Ask to train them or create a training guide for your team to utilize. See your team is down in the dumps? Initiate a weekly stress buster at work. The sky’s the limit on what you can do for your company. Being proactive in your work shows your boss that you have great potential to grow and accomplish even greater things in a different or higher role.

Have you recently been promoted? What are some of your tips to share?

Katrina H.

Katrina is a 20-year-old something goal-digging career girl with a passion for helping millennials navigate the career world and helping entrepreneurs grow their business through digital story telling.

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