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8 Best Shops For Affordable, Adorable Jewelry

April 10, 2016 in Beauty & Style - 2 Comments

8 Best Shops For Affordable, Adorable Jewelry

April 10, 2016 in Beauty & Style - 2 Comments

There’s nothing like that perfect piece of jewelry that can spice up a simple outfit. Whether you’re looking for elegant  or bold pieces, here are my top picks of eight best shops for affordable, adorable jewelry to add a little more boldness to your office chic outfit or to glam up your little black dress.

8 Best Shops For Affordable, Adorable Jewelery

1. Baubles & Gems

I came across this jewelry boutique at the 2015 626 Night Market in Orange County and fell in love with their rings. Beginning as low as $14, their wide variety of styles including wedding inspired cuts, festive double chains and dainty cuts compliment any outfit whether you decide to double up on your hand or simply rock one.


Black Arabesque Cut Out Statement Ring – $19

2. Francesca’s 

This boutique can be found in the mall caring everything from adorable dresses to novelty gifts.  What I love about this boutique is there on-going  a sale on their jewelry – by one, get one half off. I usually splurge on their earrings that usually have the same design in silver and gold .


Esmeralda Dangle Drop Earrings – $16

3. Forever 21

Perfect for all ages, Forever 21 has great quality clothes, jewelry and accessories for the budget conscious. From pearls earrings perfect for the office, to Coachella inspired rings as low as $3,  you can definitely get a lot for your money. I usually spend most of my money on their chunky necklaces and bangle sets.


Feather Charm Bracelet – $5.90

 4. Earthbound Trading Co.

00156926-03If you love nomadic inspired pieces, Earthbound Trading Co. has a wonderful selection of unique accessories all crafted with nature and spirituality all mind. From feathered earrings to whimsical body chains, you’ll find a variety of pieces that are perfect for summer festivals of for when you feel like embodying your inner goddess.

00184280-02 (1) 40656-braceletcuffgold-2083

Buffalo Horn Gold Cuff – $12.95

5. BaubleBar

If you love statement jewelry, I suggest checking out Bauble Bar. From chunky necklaces as low as $22 to their eccentric ear cuffs, their pieces are one of a kind and give off a fun, bold and vibrant vibe.



Asymmetrical Wanderer Ear Crawler Set – $36

6. Hendri Bendel

If you love classic styles and Hollywood glam look, I highly suggest Hendri Bendel. Their jewelry pieces tend to have matches sets in various colors (earring, necklaces and bracelets) so you can easily always mix and match. I was a little intimidated when I walked into the store thinking there was no way in hell I could afford anything they were selling (considering the only other time I saw the store was in the movie Simply Irresistible) but to my surprise, their prices were fairly reasonable. They also have frequent sales so that is a plus.



Cote D’azur Horn Pendant -$118.00

 7. Rocksbox
Are you indecisive? Love to try before you buy? Always on the hunt of the hottest accessories? Try out Rocksbox where a $19 per month subscription gives you unlimited access to wear and keep designer jewelry for as long as you like (and return when you’re tired of them)! You get three pieces a month based and if you actually want to keep an accessory, you simply pay the cost for it. Check out their FAQs for more info.


 8. Kate Spade

If you are all about rebel uptown couture, I suggest checking out Kate Spade’s fun and flirty watches. The details are what sets these watches apart from others I have seen with accents including bumble bees, flowing champagne and lipstick really bring out the personality of the wearer. FYI Macy’s and Amazon tend to sell some of these watches at half the price. (Watch below is $175 on Macy’s)


5 o’clock metro watch – $195

What are some of your favorite jewelery brands and shops? Leave me some recommendations below!

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  • Karoliina Kazi September 1, 2016 at 4:32 am

    Great jewerly – thanks for the tips!

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