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    The Qualities of a Real “Bitch” in the Workplace

    Who run the world? Girls. According to S&P Global Market Intelligence, 2016 marked the year where the most women ever were heading S&P 500 companies. While women continue to take the world by storm, we are still too often stereotyped as aggressive, bossy and bitchy. And I am here…

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  • Along Came Katrina

    How To Banish Blog Envy (& Stay True To Yourself)

    Blog envy – we’ve all been there. My Green Eyed Monster comes out when, in the middle of admiring the amazing work of my favorite brands, influencers and blogs, I slowly begin to have these negative thoughts: Why don’t I have as many followers? Why aren’t…

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    The Highlander Union (HUB)

    The Highlander Union (HUB) is the central gathering place at the University of California, Riverside where students can eat, meet, relax and study. The HUB offers a wide range of student programs including the annual 25+ attended winter Heat Music Festival, monthly Karaoke Nights, quarterly…

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