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How to Get Over Your FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)

August 14, 2016 in Adulthood, Wellness - 52 Comments

In an era dominated by continuous technological refinery and advancement, we have the ability to travel to the ends of the world, plus everywhere in between, and become instantly connected with some of most influential people alive, as well as loved ones who may be a ocean’s distance away, all with a single swipe, scroll, hashtag or instant message. However, when we find ourselves completely immersed in the Instagram feeds, Snapchat stories and Facebook posts…

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11 Tips On How To Make A Long Distance Relationship Last

August 7, 2016 in Love & Relationships - 18 Comments

This month marks the third year of my amazing five-year love story where I have been in a long distance relationship – and yes, it fucking sucks. As much as it does suck, I know it could be worst. I consider myself one of the “lucky ones” where my long distance relationship has actually been manageable to keep because my job allows me the luxury to work remotely, granting me the freedom to visit and stay with…

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Why My Boyfriend & I Are Not Friends On Social Media

July 2, 2016 in Love & Relationships - 13 Comments

When my boyfriend and I first started dating, I was so ecstatic to request him as a friend on Facebook so I could finally update my social media profiles with cutesy photos and posts of about to show off that we were together. However, when my boyfriend mentioned he was against posting about relationships on social media in general, my heart deflated a bit.   The first thing that popped into my mind…

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10 Signs It’s Time To Re-evaluate Your Relationship

If you have ever given relationship advice to one of your closest friends, you probably found it easy to tell them what to do: Oh course you should break up with him, after all he did cheat on you! If you aren’t happy, just leave. She’s a total a*shole; I don’t even know why you got with her anyway.   Reality is if you were to analyze your own relationship, (or have someone…

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6 In Season Lace-Up Flats For The Hip Career Girl

May 30, 2016 in Beauty & Style - No Comments

While I sure do love a good pair of pumps, I unfortunately cannot last more than 30 minutes in them considering I spend a good amount of my time walking from place to place. The thing I love the most about lace up flats is how they can be dressed up for the office or down when I am out and about exploring town. I am a big stickler for good material so when…

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