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8 Harry Potter Quotes (& Tips) To Help You Survive College

May 22, 2016 in Uncategorized - 3 Comments

*Spoiler alert: If you have not read or watched any of the Harry Potter series, don’t read the first paragraph below: If you are a big Harry Potter fan like me, then you’ll realize besides the fact that Harry managed to defeat the basilisk, saved his friends countless times and come back from the dead, he is just like any other regular Muggle student – stressed over exams, dealing with annoying teachers and trying to…

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How to Survive & Thrive During The Mercury Retrograde

May 13, 2016 in Wellness - 5 Comments

If you don’t follow Astrology, the Mercury retrograde refers to a period where the planet moves at a slower than usual pace which gives it the illusion of moving backwards in the sky. With Mercury being the planet of communication, coordination, logic, and reasoning, its retrograde has the reputation of throwing those very things off, and more, in your daily life. If you happen to be a Gemini, (like me), or a Virgo, then you’ll experience the…

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5 Tips For Successful Meal Prepping

May 13, 2016 in Wellness - No Comments

As someone who is constantly on the go, I usually find myself over spending on food because I never have (better yet, make) enough time in the morning to eat breakfast or pack lunch – not to mention my eating habits being out of wack because how infrequently I eat. And when I actually do eat, I end up stuffing my face. Realizing that I was not only stretching my wallet but my waist…

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12 Best Beauty Products Under $15 That I Currently Own & Absolutely Love

May 12, 2016 in Beauty & Style - No Comments

I love make up and have no problem splurging on products that I really want. However, when I enjoy doing my make up pretty much every day, products can disappear fast so I like to have a good amount of products that work well and are affordable enough to replace regularly. After dumping all my makeup on the floor and sorting through them, here are 12 beauty products under $15 that I absolutely love.

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Three Life Lessons I Learned To Value From My Tiger Mom

May 11, 2016 in Love & Relationships - No Comments

Growing up biracial, with an African-American father and a Filipino mother, not only was I raised under a strict house hold, the cherry on top was that I raised by a Tiger Mom. I remember the times I was reprimanded for asking if I could attend a slumber party in elementary school because as my mother explained, “it is embarrassing to spend the night with someone who isn’t your family.” I remember crying…

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