• How To Be Hopeful

    How To Be Hopeful When Times Are Tough

    For some, the holidays represent the most wonderful time of the year. For others, its happens to be the most stressful and that happens to be for my sister. After  a long day of holiday shopping, I was riding passenger to my sister driving us home…

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  • Desk space
    Career, Lifestyle

    5 Excuses That Are Keeping You From Success

    If you could do anything, what would you do? Now, ask yourself “Why I aren’t I doing it?” We’ve all heard the saying “follow your dreams” but when it comes down to going after what you really want, what are you willing to do to make it…

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  • Career, Freebies

    How To Be (& Feel) More Confident In 6 Easy Steps

    Whether you are going into an interview or trying to make a good first impression, the number one characteristic you ever can rock is your confidence. I think we can all agree that pure, “I’m the bomb.com” confidence is highly coveted but doesn’t always come easy.…

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  • Desktop and mobile wallpaper

    Freebie Friday: Vibrant Wallpapers

    Happy Friday everyone! I know you’re counting down the hours until your weekend can begin so here’ s a little something to sweeten your day – some free desktop and iPhone wallpapers I made just for you! YES I MADE THEM! Scroll on down for some…

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